There will come a point during the planning process when you just need a laugh, and if that laugh comes with some actual advice, all the better! With anecdotes along the lines of ‘nothing sexes up a ceremony like a hot usher,’ Amanda Pendolino’s witty read caters to modern brides who want to steer away from certain dated wedding traditions. Plus, the book comes loaded with humorous tips and stories from real couples and vendors.
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One of The Knot's Top 10 Wedding Planning Books of 2018!

Wedding Planning For the Busy Feminist is filled with practical, funny advice from real brides, grooms and vendors about how to plan your dream wedding on a budget. It's also an empowering survival guide that examines how modern women feel conflicted about outdated traditions and expensive social media fantasies but kinda want the perfect wedding anyway. 

When I was asked to serve as Maid of Honor for my best friend and my sister at the same time - while going to seven other weddings in two years - I accidentally became a wedding expert. 

Getting back to my roots as a blogger, I decided to write a guide of tips, interviews and jokes about modern wedding culture. No, I'm not engaged or married (my dad says this is because I'm "focused on my career!"), but that's what gives me an outside perspective. Think of me as your honorary, unbiased Maid of Honor. 

The book is about everything from dress shopping and confusing caterer gratuities to Pinterest anxiety and managing your partner's role in the process. Wedding planning can be stressful, so I'm here to help make it easier - with advice and true stories about everything from dress shopping to what to do when your Maid of Honor drops out because of WrestleMania. 

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Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist

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