See what clients have said about my script notes service. 

Amanda provided great insight into how to improve my PARENTHOOD spec. Amanda’s feedback focused on the structure of the script, which character’s voices sounded right on (and which sounded “iffy”) down to individual lines, and how I might thematically tighten my script. The feedback was always constructive, and kept me inspired to continue working on and improving my script!
— Brett
Amanda hit on some specific areas I was already wondering about and pointed out several new ones. They were very insightful and specific right down to the page numbers!
— Jon C
Amanda helped me with a comedy spec, which I submitted to the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship and I just got the call today that I’m a semi-finalist!
— Jon
Amanda’s critique was insightful and specific. She helped me tighten the structure of my BONES spec immensely and provided a window into how industry insiders would see my script.
— Rebecca S
Amanda is an incredible reader. Her insight into my script was original and compelling. In fact, I just optioned it to a prominent production company. So use her!
— Tony D
Amanda gave me notes on my drama pilot script and also gave me a nudge when I was debating whether to submit to the NYTVF NBC pilot contest. I submitted and we made it to the finalist round! Amanda’s feedback was extremely helpful.
— Wesley G
Amanda’s script consult led eventually to an award from Nickelodeon for my MODERN FAMILY spec!
— Amisha
Amanda gave me excellent script coverage with my drama spec. She praised the positive aspects while giving me constructive feedback about the parts of my script that weren’t working without hurting my feelings or making me feel stupid—and as a sensitive person, I admire someone who can do that. She not only gave me advice on the overall structure of the script but helped me with nit-picky details that many other readers might have overlooked. I spent several hundred dollars on feedback from so-called “professional scriptwriting services” but won’t make that same mistake in the future—I got better quality script notes and advice from Amanda.
— Sarah M
I thought Amanda’s notes on my comedy feature were really specific, clear, and useful. Well worth the money.
— Eric H