Originally from Buffalo, NY, I've been a Los Angeles resident for 9 years. While studying television and film at Ithaca College, I interned at The Weinstein Company (NY), Red Wagon Entertainment and Rogue Pictures. During this time, I learned to write script coverage under the guidance of insightful creative executives and assistants. After graduating and moving to Los Angeles permanently in 2007, I got a job as an assistant at Paradigm Talent Agency in Beverly Hills. Starting in a mailroom that churned out paper (!) scripts, I soon moved up to a desk in the Feature Literary Department, where I assisted an agent who represented high-level film writers. Listening in on his phone calls and interacting with his clients helped me learn about what producers and studio executives were looking for. Since Paradigm didn't have a Story Department at the time, I also became one of a handful of assistants who earned overtime pay for reading scripts and writing coverage outside of work. For a while it felt like I was the only person reading the romantic comedies Katherine Heigl didn't want to do.

While at Paradigm, I started the blog "Amanda the Aspiring TV Writer," later called "The Aspiring TV Writer and Screenwriter Blog." From 2007-2015, I wrote about the assistant and agency world, networking, job hunting, internships, writing fellowships and more. I also interviewed many assistants and writers. Eventually, I ran out of time and topics, but I've left the blog up as a resource. 

In 2009, I left the assistant world to become an English tutor, blogger and professional script reader for companies like Sierra/Affinity and Mandalay. At the latter, I honed my skills covering books as well as scripts. For over three years, I also wrote script coverage for ScriptShark, a company that provides feedback directly to aspiring writers. I learned how to shift my perspective based on whether I was reading for a producers looking for potential in a flawed project or for a novice writer looking for encouragement. I've been assigned everything from packaged comedies by Oscar winners to first drafts of thrillers from brand new writers. I've also read for a few contests.

In my own writing life, I've developed comedy features and pilots with various producers, directors and actresses. I was also hired to adapt the Glamour article "We Dated Our Way Across America" into a feature and have developed sketches and short-form ideas with digital companies. I am a member of the WGAw. If you're a producer or director and think I might be right to adapt or rewrite a project of yours, please send me a message on the Contact page! 

As of 2016, I currently read screenplays and books for Amazon Studios and Broad Green Pictures, in addition to all the work I get from private clients.

More About Me

For more about my background and early days in Hollywood, check out the Hollywood Bound and Down podcast I did with Joshua Caldwell.