I'm a writer, professional script reader, blogger and tutor. Since 2006, I've read thousands of screenplays, TV scripts and books for studios, agencies, production companies and contests. I also offer aspiring writers the same specific, thorough feedback.

My book Wedding Planning for the Busy Feminist is available now in paperback, e-book and audiobook!

You can also view my WGA Find a Writer page with samples here.


Comments From My Clients:

Amanda read my spec script about the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. Her notes were both thorough and thoughtful and I think that had a lot to do with me landing my first ever spec script sale. Needless to say, this has changed my life in amazing ways and I think the help she provided me played a significant role in getting me here. I’m sure she’ll be hearing from me again when I need feedback on the next one.
— Andrew C
I used Amanda’s service for my GIRLS spec and ended up placing in the Top 10 for the UCLA extension TV competition and made the quarterfinals of Final Draft’s Big Break Contest. It was my first script and I have to say, it wouldn’t have been possible without her notes!
— Valeska
Amanda’s notes and insights were clear, measured, and thoughtful. She offered great ideas on small adjustments and voiced her bigger concerns in very constructive ways. I’ve got a tight group of people reading my work, but I sought out Amanda for a fresh perspective and I’m very happy I did.
— Andrew H
Amanda put into perspective everything that was weak about our feature script, but in a very positive and constructive way. With every criticism came a helpful suggestion. She is a genius script doctor and her diagnosis was the perfect cure for our story. She definitely knows the anatomy of a script and is a very valuable resource.
— John L and Ishira K
Amanda’s script consult led eventually to an award from Nickelodeon for my MODERN FAMILY spec!
— Amisha

Amanda read and gave notes on a half-hour TV spec pilot I wrote. Amanda’s notes were smart, constructive and detailed which helped in the finessing of the script. The script has now been optioned by a UK TV production company who work a lot with the BBC.
— Kevin L
Amanda’s notes on my comedy pilot were fantastic. She was critical but gave me encouraging feedback without making me want to throw my laptop out the window. She has a very sharp eye and gives you concrete ideas you can actually use to improve your work. For the price, you are getting an amazing deal. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and will definitely be using her services in the future.
— Amita P